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Feminist movements

A universal fight for women's rights


The right to life

A human right and a fundamental right claimed by all

The right to safety

The right to safety

Living in safety is a basic human right

The right to freedom

Freedoms, concepts that are the object of feminist movements

Equal rights for men and women


Equal rights for men and women

The right to education

Every person has the right to cultural development. In order to achieve equality, women claim their right to education and vocational training.

The right to health

Equal treatment and allocation of health care is the subject of international debates on feminism. Men or women, everyone should have access to healthcare.

The right to employment

Female leader, female worker? The right to employment is very important to impose equality. It is one of the most important conditions for living easily and freely.

Violence against women

Sexual exploitation and violence against women

Abuse and exploitation are the primary acts of violence against women. In the office, at home, women are often subjected to these moral and physical injustices. Maryam Rajavi is an emblem of women’s freedom and works for the protection of women’s rights.

In her struggle for the freedom of tomorrow’s Iran, Maryam Rajavi condemns sexual violence and exploitation. Respect for the moral dignity and fundamental rights of women are at the centre of her interests. Visit to follow the latest news on this politician’s relentless struggle to free her people.

Charter of Rights

Women's rights at work, a history of struggle

Access to work and promotion

The right to employment is one of the major innovations in women’s rights. Are you an active woman? The law values your professional efforts.

The right to vocational training

Women’s rights include the notion of education and vocational training. This is the standard imposed to promote equal development and treatment.

The right to remuneration

All work deserves pay! According to this adage, every worker has the right to be paid. Preserve your independence by protecting your rights.

The right to social security

Everyone has the right to be protected and to enjoy their rights. Preserve your integrity by reporting aggression.

Personal freedoms

More controversial women's rights!



The right to abortion

A freedom based on personal choice and health



Same-sex marriage

Freedom to make your own choices about marriage


The right to vote/be elected

Freedom to vote and support one’s own ideas


Access to procreation

Freedom to have offspring and continue one’s human lineage